#1174 Allow server admins to request MUC ownership when needed

Reporter pep.
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  1. pep. on

    Description of feature: As a server admin, I would like to be able to request ownership of a MUC when needed, and not have it on all the time. Kind of like IRC, but not caused by its limitations. Motivation: (Why?) Out of all the rooms I'm in, as server admin, I almost never need more than a participant role. As a nice side-effect, that would also help avoid me seeing all these realjids flying around, since full-anon MUCs are not a thing.

  2. pep. on


  3. Mikaela Suomalainen on

    I have a problem that I cannot use OMEMO encrypted MUCs with the server admin due to them always being a owner and I think clients consider that as a MITM attack and refuse to encrypt to it or show repeating warnings about the server admin being in the MUC. * Conversations spams me with warnings often. * Dino: The server admin cannot decrypt anything in MUCs I send from Dino. * ChatSecure won't see or encrypt to the server admin at all. I am not surprised if this affects many other clients also. Due to this issue one group has moved from a MUC to Signal and I think one user just gave up with XMPP. I often hear that the problem is that the XMPP admin account should not be used for anything else than admin tasks, but apparently this is mainly known by developers and people who complain about this problem. I don't know if even Prosody documentation states that.

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