#1196 Change restrict_room_creation local to allow all c2s instead of parent host

Reporter pep.
Owner Nobody
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  1. pep. on

    Description of feature: ``` VirtualHost "foo.bar" VirtualHost "foo.baz" Component "muc.foo.bar" "muc" restrict_room_creation = "local" ``` Currently this configuration snippet only allows accounts from foo.bar to creation MUCs on muc.foo.bar. This is a request to change the meaning of "local" to allow all c2s connections, (foo.bar and foo.baz here), and maybe a "parent" value to imitate the current behaviour. Motivation: Semantically "local" seems closer to "c2s" than the current behaviour. I was surprised not to have my anon.foo.bar host allowed to create any MUC on my component. Some people might still want to have the current behaviour though, and "parent" could be added as a possible value, as Zash suggested. This is certainly going to break people's workflow. <xkcd reference>

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