#1299 prosody 0.11 mod_pep: non-optimal persistent directory structure

Reporter ge0rg
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  1. ge0rg on

    With the new mod_pep module, prosody will persist PEP items on disk. The directory structure used for that is not optimal. The below paths are all relative to `/var/lib/prosody/SERVERNAME/` The list of a user's PEP nodes is stored in `pep/USER.dat` which is perfect. Individual nodes, however, are stored under `pep_NODE/USER.dat` leading to a cluttering of the prosody storage directory. This is not only impractical because it will end up with a huge number of different PEP usage cases in the top-level directory, but especially bad with OMEMO, which creates a devicelist node per user and a bundles node *per device*. With just a single account, I have the following files and directories on my server: ``` pep pep/georg.dat pep_eu%2esiacs%2econversations%2eaxolotl%2ebundles%3a1399321121 pep_eu%2esiacs%2econversations%2eaxolotl%2ebundles%3a1399321121/georg.list pep_eu%2esiacs%2econversations%2eaxolotl%2edevicelist pep_eu%2esiacs%2econversations%2eaxolotl%2edevicelist/georg.list ``` Please change the structure to be `pep/USER/NODE.dat` so that it is cleanly scoped, doesn't clutter the top-level storage directory and can be manually inspected per-user. Thank you very much.

  2. ge0rg on

    According to https://prosody.im/doc/storage you can store PEP node configuration and explicitly named nodes into SQL, but there is no obvious way to store _all_ PEP nodes regardless of their name into SQL without the big storage="sql" hammer.

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