#1379 Add ppa for ubuntu bionic armhf

Reporter Raketenjoint
Owner Nobody
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  • Status-CantFix
  • Type-Enhancement
  • Priority-Medium
  1. Raketenjoint on

    Please consider packaging prosody ppa for ubuntu bionic with architecture armhf. I run a Pi with armbian on ubuntu bionic and hence cannot add the ppa.

  2. Zash on

    Sorry, doesn't look like our builder can do it easily. It seems Ubuntu doesn't provide any armhf packages at all, which is needed to create the build environment to build packages in. Consider trying the Debian armhf build instead. Also related: #1291 OS=ubuntu DIST=bionic ARCH=armhf W: /home/ubuntu/.pbuilderrc does not exist I: Distribution is bionic. I: Current time: Tue Jul 30 03:59:00 UTC 2019 I: pbuilder-time-stamp: 1564459140 I: Building the build environment I: running debootstrap /usr/sbin/debootstrap I: Retrieving Release I: Retrieving Release.gpg I: Checking Release signature I: Valid Release signature (key id 790BC7277767219C42C86F933B4FE6ACC0B21F32) I: Retrieving Packages I: Retrieving Packages E: Couldn't download dists/bionic/main/binary-armhf/Packages E: debootstrap failed W: Aborting with an error I: cleaning the build env I: removing directory /var/cache/pbuilder/build//1300 and its subdirectories

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