#1610 Siskin shows multiple push-messages for only one message with payload (Conversations-->Siskin via Prosody)

Reporter Robert
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  1. Robert on

    **Describe the bug** If siskin is used with an account powered by Prosody (at least) messages to the siskin-app producing around 6 push-messages (each with "New message!") although only one message with payload is sent. **To Reproduce** Steps to reproduce the behavior: 1. 2 contacts unsing same prosody-powerd xmpp-server (e.g. jabber.de), one with Siskin/iOS, one with Conversations/Android 2. start to type **ONE message** and send it from conversations --> siskin-contact 2. notice that receiving siskin-app shows around **SIX push-messages**, each with "New message!" 3. send ONE message siskin --> Conversations (prosody-account) 4. see ONE message at conversations **Expected behavior** Siskin should only show one message as only one message with payload is sent. Other "messages" which produced a push-event should be discarted silently by siskin or not even sent by prosody. **Screenshots** One message sent in conversations via prosody to siskin ![8117d85e-a7b1-4a89-b722-a1c4d94f33e2_1_89cc910e9b5e151d45f74960bcffe8251d017e10](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/15350793/99313873-919eb180-2860-11eb-82e2-d80816588c7f.jpg) **Details (please complete the following information):** - Siskin Version: 6.0 - iOS version: ? (latest from oct. 2020) - iPhone model: ? (have to check) - xmpp-server used: prosody 0.11.7 via jabber.de / [jabber.de compliance test](https://compliance.conversations.im/server/jabber.de/) **Additional context** There have been already discussion in xmpp support channels of Siskin/Tigase, Prosody and Conversations some weeks ago. But from my point of view without a solution. - Tigase/Siskin devs state discarding the non-push-relevant messages should not make the siskin-app due to power saving reasons and the prosody-server should not sent these messages. This is starte of the art in siskin/tigase. - prosody and Conversations devs state that servers should sent all for the other side relevant messages (e.g. Carbons, type notifications, read markers etc.) and the receiving app (siskin, Conversations) should decide if the user should see a push-message or not. This is state of the art in Conversations as leading app in Android universe. - **prosody devs already thought about a "dirty hack" (maybe one could give details here about any implementation?): look if a siskin app is one of the receiving devices and sent this device only the real payload-message (so that only one push-event is triggered at siskin app).** Hope I remeber right, if not you are welcome to give details here. BUT: for sake of compliance and interoperability ther should be a solution which doesn't result in the above described behaviour as in this case by using a prosody-server I cant recommend anybody to use siskin as he/she will be spammed be push-notifications. Discussions and solutions are welcome - I don't know at which side it would be best to make these of the xmpp-ecosystem... I will also open a support ticket for siskin: https://github.com/tigase/siskin-im/issues/71 Cheers, Robert

  2. Robert on

    first thoughts had been spinning around this: "An ugly hack for now might be to blacklist push.tigase.net from receiving pushes without a payload". Any chance for short-term implementation?

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