#634 Order of account deletion/denial should not matter

Reporter kdex
Owner Nobody
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  1. kdex on

    In prosody-0.10, given a scenario where romeo@montague.lit receives an authorization request from julia@capulet.lit, it matters which of these actions happens first: (1) romeo@montague.lit denies the authorization request from julia@capulet.lit. (2) julia@capulet.lit's account is deleted from the server. If the order is (1, 2), then everything works fine. If the order is (2, 1), then (1) will silently fail in most clients that I've tested (Pidgin, poezio, KTp) and the pending request will re-appear once romeo@montague.lit logs in the next time. Thus, this issue creates a scenario where it looks like julia@capulet.lit will constantly try to re-request romeo@montague.lit's authorization, which obviously leads to frustration. Could you make the order not matter?

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