#637 Prosody hangs on startup when sql host is set to a socket

Reporter Stephen Graf
Owner Nobody
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  1. Stephen Graf on

    What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. Set up for MySQL config: -- For the "sql" backend, you can uncomment *one* of the below to configure: sql = { driver = "MySQL"; database = "prosody"; username = "prosody"; password = "secret"; host = "/var/www/var/run/mysql/mysql.sock"; } 2. Restart prosody with log set to debug: What is the expected output? What do you see instead? Log output: Feb 24 16:40:22 general info Hello and welcome to Prosody version 0.9.8 Feb 24 16:40:22 general info Prosody is using the select backend for connection handling Feb 24 16:40:22 hostmanager debug Activated host: xxx Nothing more and prosody is not running. What version of the product are you using? On what operating system? Prosody 0.9.8, MySQL, openBSD 5.8 Please provide any additional information below. Prosody works without problems if I set host to localhost, create /var/run/MySQL and create a logical link for the socket, but this link gets deleted if the system is restarted. With host set to locahost and without the link, the log shows that MySQL is not found because /var/www/mysql/mysql.sock does not exist.

  2. Stephen Graf on

    Correctionto last line: because /var/www/mysql/mysql.sock does not exist should read: because /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock does not exist

  3. Zash on

    Thanks for the report, sorry that we haven't responded to it until now. Could you check whether this is still a problem with the rewritten SQL storage module in 0.10 or later?

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