#647 mod_statistics top unpractical and broken

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  1. Ge0rG on

    When running `prosodyctl mod_statistics top` on the command line, the admin expects a live view of the most-active JIDs, possibly with a way to sort by incoming/outgoing stanzas/packets. However, the current view is defective in multiple ways: 1. JIDs containing non-ASCII characters disturb the alignment of the columns and leave artifacts after screen updates. 2. The session lines contain the data of one second of activity, but remain on screen for 60 seconds. That makes comparing activity and finding flooders impossible, which is the #1 use case for the tool. (No, making updated records bold doesn't help) 3. S2S links often (always?) show up as two distinct entries for in and out, cluttering the interface. What I (as a service operator) would wish for is: 1. Allow switching the counter values between "total", "last hour", "last minute", "last second" (or something comparable, to allow looking for short-term as well as long-term usage). I would also be okay with differently scaled moving-weighted-averages a la Linux loadavg, even though nobody quite understands what the latter means. 2. Allow changing the sort order between "stanzas", "msg", "pres", "iq" and "bytes" as well as "in", "out" and "both". 3. Provide for a way to inspect the stanzas exchanged by a selected JID (either last-N or on-demand filters). 4. Implement a sortable tree view that allows collapsing and expanding elements as follows: domain --> user --> resource (SCNR). Thanks very much for considering these ideas.

  2. Zash on

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