#663 User info changes not affecting last logged in admin user

Reporter Carson Smith
Owner MattJ
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  1. Carson Smith on

    Haven't looked deep into it, but it is completely reproducible for us. Error: This bug affects the last admin user to login. It only seems to affect admins. The "set mood", "set nickname" (only these were tested) are not performed for the last logged in admin, but are applied after other admin logs out, logs in. 1. admin 1 logs in. 2. admin 2 logs in 3. admin 1 uses client to "set nickname" or "set mood" and changes are shown on all clients 4. admin 2 uses client to "set nickname" or "set mood" changes are not shown on clients 5. admin 1 logs out 6. admin 1 logs in. All of admin2 changes in step #4 appears. We have no relevant logs for this. At this current stage we are using mostly default settings, with one extra module. I have attached the configuration that we have that is different from the default. Client: admins = { "admin1@domain.com", "admin2@domain.com" } modules_enabled = { "roster"; -- Allow users to have a roster. Recommended ;) "saslauth"; -- Authentication for clients and servers. Recommended if you want to log in. "tls"; -- Add support for secure TLS on c2s/s2s connections "dialback"; -- s2s dialback support "disco"; -- Service discovery "private"; -- Private XML storage (for room bookmarks, etc.) "vcard"; -- Allow users to set vCards "version"; -- Replies to server version requests "uptime"; -- Report how long server has been running "time"; -- Let others know the time here on this server "ping"; -- Replies to XMPP pings with pongs "pep"; -- Enables users to publish their mood, activity, playing music and more "register"; -- Allow users to register on this server using a client and change passwords "admin_adhoc"; -- Allows administration via an XMPP client that supports ad-hoc commands -- Other specific functionality "roster_allinall"; "posix"; -- POSIX functionality, sends server to background, enables syslog, etc. "announce"; -- Send announcement to all online users }; authentication = "cyrus" debug=true cyrus_application_name = "prosody" cyrus_service_name = "xmpp" cyrus_service_realm = "" VirtualHost "domain.com" $ cat /etc/sasl2/prosody.conf mech_list: gssapi pwcheck_method: saslauthd keytab: /etc/prosody/service.keytab

  2. Carson Smith on

    I forgot to include the clients we used. pidgin-2.10.11-17.fc23.x86_64 pidgin-2.10.11-17.fc23.x86_64

  3. MattJ on

    Hi, thanks for the report! Just to rule out client issues, any chance could you try with a different client? Gajim for example. Also an XML log from both clients would be helpful. In Pidgin this is in Help->Debug, and Gajim Action->Advanced->XML console. Thanks!

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  4. MattJ on

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  5. Zash on

    No answer in sevral years, closing.

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