#1602 Website installing_modules page information missing

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  1. meaz on

    https://prosody.im/doc/installing_modules In the documentation, you write about plugin_paths But there is also now a installer_plugin_path and you're missing information about it on the website. I suggest something like this: For modules that do not exist in core, it's not a problem to use plugin_paths only. But for modules that exist in core and community modules list, and have the same name with configuration without specifying core module path first, community module will be loaded first if plugin_paths is set. If you want to use community only, set installer_plugin_path = to the module path. If you'd rather prefer use core ones over the modules ones, set installer_plugin_path = to the core path.

  2. Zash on

    Thanks. We should definitely document the plugin installer stuff in time for the release.

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