#1010 Add "(IPv4)" to c2s:show()

Reporter Roi
Owner Nobody
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  • Status-Fixed
  • Type-Enhancement
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  1. Roi on

    Description of feature: Add "(IPv4)" to c2s:show() like IPv6 is added as "(IPv6)" already for clients which are connected to the IPv6 address of the Prosody server. Motivation: (Why?) I would like to create another Munin plugin to display IPv4 and IPv6 clients. If every client in the c2s:show() list has its marker I can simply modify/enhance the existing prosody_ plugin.

  2. Link Mauve on

    Fyi, I run Prosody with these two patches, which add an IPv6 line with mod_munin: https://prosody.im/pastebin/f3cab574-fb1e-4f50-a7e4-984956ad7aaa

  3. Roi on

    Thank you for this information and help. As soon as I restart Prosody I will see the stats, hopefully. @ Prosody team: It would be great to add the patch Link Mauve provided into Prosody.

  4. MattJ on

    • tags Patch
  5. MattJ on

    The patch was merged into trunk. Thanks!

    • tags Status-Fixed

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