ID  Title Status  Type  Milestone  Created  Updated  Stars 
1869 prosodyctl cert generate throws attempt to concatenate a nil value on invalid hostnames Accepted Defect 0.12
1868 mod_muc_mam sends status 170 or 171 even if the configuration hasn't changed New Defect (empty)
1866 Anonymous accounts cannot discover public MUCs New Defect (empty)
1864 mod_muc_moderation: Update XEP-0425 Message Moderation to newest version 0.3.0 New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1863 mod_muc_moderation: Tombstone does not have real jid added New Defect (empty) ★★
1862 mod_muc_moderation: Adds occupant-id in the wrong place New Defect (empty) ★★
1861 mod_carbons does not forward "sent" MUC PMs to other clients New Defect (empty) ★★
1860 Returns internal-server-error when too many pubsub items are published New Defect (empty)
1859 mod_pubsub: bad implementation of retractation notifications New Defect (empty) ★★
1858 mod_lastlog(2): also store last used client identity New Enhancement (empty)
1856 Invalid stanza state! Please report this error. NeedInfo Defect 0.12 ★★
1855 sasl2: Prosody fails if id is missing NeedInfo Defect (empty) ★★
1854 Trust On First Use (TOFU) for s2s SSL? New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1853 Adding of <x mlns> tag New Defect (empty) ★★
1849 mod_unified_push: store messages for offline delivery New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1848 mod_muc does not support multiple invites in one stanza Accepted Defect (empty)
1846 Using the roles feature in the shell, to set admin, seems to not work. New Defect (empty)
1845 mod_sasl_ssdp: Wrong calculation of hash if PLAIN is disabled New Defect (empty) ★★
1842 mod_firewall: ORIGIN MARKED not triggering on local connections New Defect (empty)
1841 mod_server_contact_info and mod_pubsub_serverinfo add separate forms to disco#info Started Defect (empty) ★★
1840 Improve MUC Configuration form title New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1837 prosodyctl check interfaces Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1836 DNS unbound Blocked Defect (empty) ★★
1833 Error initializing module 'measure_muc' on 'conference.domain.tld': /usr/share/lua/5.4/prosody/core/statsmanager.lua:86: attempt to index a number value (local 'extra') New Defect (empty)
1832 Empty but present "publisher" attribute. NeedInfo Defect 0.12
1830 Prosody somehow allows to create a room with a JID without a node name NeedInfo Defect (empty) ★★
1827 Traceback when doing second auth for SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS mechanism Accepted Defect (empty)
1826 mod_muc_block_pm Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
1825 Connecting overtop of a hibernating smacks session does not re-send pep NeedInfo Defect (empty)
1823 pubsub#publish_node_full Accepted Defect (empty)
1822 List rooms I am affiliated with even if not public New Enhancement (empty)
1815 mod_block_strangers - Exception list of recipient JIDs New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1813 docs: mod_register vs mod_invites_register Accepted Defect (empty)
1808 Cannot add adhoc commands on pubsub host Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1807 Traceback during shutdown New Defect (empty)
1803 prosodyctl check turn error, calling 'send' on bad self Accepted Defect (empty)
1802 prosodyctl failes to create user with auth_cyrus (Method not implemented) New Defect (empty)
1794 mod_cloud_notify_encrypted does not encrypt outbound push notifications: 'invalid cipher type' Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
1792 mod_http_file_share : Allow manual deletion of all media associated with an account New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1788 external_addresses undocumented Started Defect (empty)
1784 Prosody authenitcation failure after changing password NeedInfo Defect (empty)
1776 Anonymous logon user sessions not destroyed since updating to v0.12 New Defect (empty)
1773 Failed to load plugin library 'sasl_cyrus' New Defect (empty) ★★
1772 Soft deletion of accounts Started Enhancement 0.13
1771 User role documentation Accepted Defect 0.13 ★★
1770 Shell command mentions host argument when not provided Accepted Defect 0.12
1769 Component stanzas ignored in filters Accepted Defect (empty)
1768 Please support message-delete Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
1764 Timer Functionality NeedInfo Defect (empty)
1762 mod_invites: Periodically delete expired invites Accepted Enhancement 0.12 ★★
1756 shell: error in stats:show() when stats disabled Accepted Defect 0.12
1755 prosodyctl shell appears unresponsive when mod_admin_socket enabled without mod_admin_shell Accepted Defect 0.12
1750 prosodyctl check turn confusing when mod_external_services used Accepted Defect 0.12
1745 mod_rest authentication doesn't work on components Accepted Defect (empty)
1743 MUC: user changing nicks fire a "muc-occupant-left" event without corresponding "muc-occupant-joined" Accepted Defect (empty)
1739 muc-occupant-pre-join: error if modifying occupant nick with multiple sessions Accepted Defect 0.12
1733 mod_roster: Does not play nice with the mod_groups plugin New Defect (empty) ★★
1732 Vague warning message in net.connect Accepted Defect (empty)
1721 `prosodyctl about` does not report correct LuaRocks version Accepted Defect (empty)
1718 stats:show() error when statistics not enabled Accepted Defect 0.12
1712 Warn server operators when modules are mistakenly included in vhost specific modules_enabled blocks New Enhancement (empty)
1705 Cannot restrict MUC options New Defect (empty) ★★
1701 mod_auth_dovecot fails if dovecot sasl closes the connection New Defect (empty)
1697 plugin installer developer docs Accepted Defect (empty)
1693 Wrong affiliation and role on destroy message from muc Accepted Defect (empty)
1690 Stanza delivery on outbound subscription cancellation New Defect (empty)
1689 Should the 'certificate' setting be relative to config or cert dir? New Defect (empty)
1688 SystemD modifies the PID file, causes service to not stop/start when using systemctl Accepted Defect 0.12 ★★
1680 prosodyctl check: scan modules for availability and permission correctness Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1679 mod_invites_page: URLs to applications (desktop/web) partly broken NeedInfo Defect (empty) ★★
1675 ghost sessions for remote users NeedInfo Defect (empty) ★★
1672 Migrator changes Started Defect 0.12
1668 Strange Problem with using sasl_imap PLAIN, auth works, nodeprep fails New Defect (empty)
1656 configure probelm with multiple Lua versions on Arch Accepted Defect (empty)
1655 Groupchat creation / invitation malfunctioning Accepted Defect (empty)
1654 mod_auth_dovecot does not work with 0.11.8 (patch included) Started Defect (empty)
1652 Invalid credentials error with ldap authentication New Defect (empty)
1651 net.http.server calls response:on_destroy multiple times NeedInfo Defect (empty)
1650 MAM: reject start > end Accepted Defect (empty)
1646 util.async: error unexpected async state: thread not suspended Accepted Defect (empty)
1640 mod_c2s.lua:218: attempt to index a nil value (local 'conn') Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
1638 man:prosody New Defect (empty)
1636 MUC: Problem overriding affiliations on room creation from plugin Accepted Defect (empty)
1635 MUC: Problem stopping the muc-room-pre-create event Accepted Defect (empty)
1631 mod_http_upload_external not work if use php New Defect (empty)
1630 MUC: do not make banned nicknames "reserved" Accepted Defect (empty)
1629 Survey public certificates for purpose New Task (empty)
1628 prosodyctl check should warn about 'authentication' in a Component section Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1627 XEP-0312: PubSub Since Started Enhancement (empty) ★★
1624 prosody: Unhelpful message when started as normal user Accepted Defect (empty)
1613 Roster of deleted user pushed to roster cache Accepted Defect (empty)
1607 Multithread New Enhancement (empty)
1604 Please add new SCRAM: SCRAM-SHA-512(-PLUS) / SCRAM-SHA3-512(-PLUS) Blocked Enhancement (empty)
1603 Extend mod_auth_ldap for dereferencing aliased objects New Enhancement (empty)
1591 mod_firewall: invalid rule leads to "attempt to compare number with nil" New Enhancement (empty)
1588 Send a presence unsubscribe to all contacts when removing a user NeedInfo Enhancement (empty)
1586 mod_auth_dovecot sends wrong auth id to dovecot over TCP with Jitsi New Defect (empty)
1583 Pubsub: Implement #expire_item Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1579 mod_welcome should take welcome_jid Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1577 mod_register_limits persistence New Enhancement (empty)
1571 MUC: Add error text when invites are not allowed New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1569 mod_http_upload bridge usage New Enhancement (empty)
1566 prosodyctl shell: Show console help on first run Accepted Enhancement 0.12
1565 Print log message on shutdown NeedInfo Defect (empty)
1563 mod_bosh: No error for unknown host. Accepted Defect (empty)
1559 mod_firewall: reloads %LIST file content on module reload, not on config reload New Defect (empty)
1558 `prosodyctl check` reports "unknown address" & "does not seem to resolve" errors, for existing IP & records NeedInfo Defect (empty) ★★
1556 Autostart issue with encrypted private key Accepted Defect (empty)
1555 mod_firewall: stacktrace in SUBSCRIBED? on inbound presence subscription New Defect (empty)
1554 ASYNC-01 in ondisconnect Accepted Defect 0.12
1553 mod_easy_invite Traceback when using an invitation link twice Accepted Defect (empty)
1551 mod_turncredentials: Please Allow Setting Different STUN and TURN Servers New Enhancement (empty)
1550 Highlight uses of Experimental XEPs Started Task (empty)
1549 mod_scansion_record handles generated unavaille presence weirdly Accepted Defect (empty)
1544 [mod_cloud_notify] client not woken up when disconnected New Defect (empty) ★★
1541 LDAP authorization with an incorrect username New Defect (empty) ★★★
1530 mod_onions doesn't resolve proxy's hostname New Defect (empty)
1529 mod_listusers traceback for connected users New Defect (empty)
1528 mod_lastlog traceback for nonexistent domain New Defect (empty)
1523 MAM uses too much CPU New Defect (empty)
1518 mod_checkcerts with mod_ldap if no admin is set New Defect (empty)
1517 MUC: Error on asking for voice without being in room Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
1506 Improve auth error text New Enhancement (empty)
1490 XEP list contains outdated information on XEP-156 Accepted Defect (empty)
1485 MUC: Allow setting affiliations on a per domain basis New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1476 Reply on s2s using dialback multiplexing can be routed wrong Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
1473 not archiving stanza infinite loop New Defect (empty)
1472 journald log format New Enhancement (empty)
1471 PROPOSAL: Deprecate dialback New Enhancement (empty)
1468 Prosodyctl adduser incorrect dialog / missing io.flush New Defect (empty)
1467 MUC: Persist role across rejoin New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1464 MUST destroy room on cancel of initial room configuration Started Defect (empty)
1463 util.interpolation: Passing nil to filters New Defect (empty)
1462 Permanent loss of log sinks in case of error during logging reload New Defect (empty)
1461 Logging issues uncovered by mod_log_json New Defect (empty)
1460 Gajim and Prosody "talk" causes prosody.log to explode New Defect (empty)
1458 Document and module.restore Accepted Defect (empty)
1454 mod_muc_media_metadata: no picture upload in MUCs with Converse.js New Defect (empty) ★★
1453 Investigate effects of muc_room_default_persistent = true New Task (empty)
1449 mod_c2s attempts to process data after session close Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
1446 mod_muc_firewall feature request New Enhancement (empty)
1444 Core mod_mam broken with community mod_carbons New Defect (empty)
1442 MUC: Add room config option to disable PMs Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
1441 MUC: Add room config option to disable IQ routing Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
1440 Telnet utility to inject a message New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1439 provide a console command for mod_reset_password New Enhancement (empty)
1437 PubSub: Reject publish requests containing unknown publish-options Blocked Defect (empty)
1433 scansion_record traceback when using bosh Accepted Defect (empty)
1425 Allow restricting MAM access in MUC depending on affiliations New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1424 mod_muc_mam - XEP-0045 - MUST warn the user that the discussions are publicly logged when they enter the room New Defect (empty)
1419 net/server_select.lua: attempt to call upvalue 'dispatch' (a nil value) Accepted Defect 0.12 ★★
1418 mod_host_guard: Attempt to read a non-existent global 'configmanager' New Defect (empty)
1412 meta: Encoding of From header in email notifications broken Accepted Defect (empty)
1411 Make mod_pastebin configurable per user New Enhancement (empty)
1410 mod_block_strangers filters out MAM messages from MUCs New Defect (empty) ★★
1393 mod_message_logging: limit message logging to a list of accounts New Enhancement (empty)
1392 Send presence update on role change in MUC New Enhancement (empty)
1376 Memory leak Accepted Defect (empty)
1375 Complaint about LuaExpat version >= 1.3.0 highly recommended, but 1.3.3 installed Accepted Defect (empty) ★★★
1373 prosodyctl check should warn about overlapping port numbers New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1366 Cleanup scheduling Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1364 mod_auth_dovecot should send more data to dovecot Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1363 mod_tls_policy incompatible with TLS 1.3 Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
1355 server_epoll: Sometimes takes very long to shut down Accepted Defect (empty)
1352 MUC: More granular persistence Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1349 MUC: Check for confusable nicknames Accepted Enhancement 0.12
1346 TLS certificates not updated on config+modules reload NeedInfo Defect (empty)
1341 mod_proxy65 lists only one port Accepted Defect (empty)
1340 mod_s2s: Allow holding queued stanzas until some condition is fulfilled New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1336 requesting membership with a room New Enhancement (empty)
1334 Faster indication of a disconnected client when delivering a message Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1331 mod_firewall: stacktrace in SUBSCRIBED? when local user goes offline Accepted Defect (empty)
1330 mod_smacks + mod_csi_whatever interactions New Enhancement (empty)
1329 Handle the case of a Prosody crash in mod_muc New Enhancement (empty)
1327 Pubsub does not report exact reason for not accepting configuration form Started Defect (empty)
1324 Add node_creation_policy option in mod_pubsub to change who can create nodes Accepted Enhancement 0.13 ★★★
1321 prosodyctl error when insufficient privileges to read config Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
1318 Multiple domain certificate for different services is not working NeedInfo Defect (empty) ★★
1310 prosodyctl command to add/update DNS records Blocked Enhancement (empty)
1308 XEP-0388: Extensible SASL Profile Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
1306 MUC status code 100 is resent when different resource connects New Defect (empty)
1304 mod_vcard_legacy: Traceback if avatar has invalid base64 Accepted Defect 0.11
1303 BOSH: Timers stopped on module reload Accepted Defect 0.11
1300 [muc] rooms are hidden after restart/reload of muc module NeedInfo Defect (empty) ★★
1299 PEP data does not fit into current storage abstraction Blocked Defect (empty) ★★★
1297 stats:show displays counter stat type wrongly NeedInfo Defect (empty)
1295 Infinite loop in LuaSec or OpenSSL New Defect (empty)
1292 mod_firewall: stats New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1290 mod_devices client can not connect NeedInfo Defect (empty)
1280 Traceback on iq without 'type' via s2s Accepted Defect (empty)
1276 Allow mod_adhoc to expose commands on non-host JIDs Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1271 mod_munin: graph_category New Enhancement (empty)
1263 net.connect should have greater control for when to consider a connection successful Accepted Enhancement 0.12
1257 mod_smacks error when resuming session NeedInfo Defect (empty) ★★
1254 Enforce from check on delay tags New Defect (empty) ★★
1244 mod_register_dnsbl: http.server async exception when loaded alongside mod_register_web New Defect (empty) ★★
1241 Unable to determine listening port with multiplexing Accepted Defect (empty)
1237 List all users for a domain through web admin and admin adhoc commands New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1229 Confusing tags in Received debug logs New Defect (empty)
1227 Support reason attr for MUC outcast affiliation Started Enhancement (empty)
1217 prosodyctl cert import help message changes with --root Started Defect (empty)
1214 Storage configuration table syntax weirdness Accepted Defect (empty)
1210 Implement pubsub#num_subscribers New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1209 [mod_pastebin] Pastebins are deleted on server reboot New Enhancement (empty)
1205 Prosody should not start if it cannot enable modules New Enhancement (empty)
1201 IO buffering issue Accepted Defect (empty)
1196 MUC: Change restrict_room_creation local to allow all c2s instead of parent host New Enhancement (empty)
1195 Sending a presence probe to own account does not work New Defect (empty)
1194 Prosody does not enforce IQ result semantics New Defect (empty)
1192 Unloading mod_http where http_host is used by many VirtualHosts Accepted Defect (empty)
1191 Prosody trunk sends unnecessary Roster pushes New Defect (empty)
1190 mod_storage_ldap: only own ldap group shown New Defect (empty)
1189 prosodyctl check should complain about '.lua' in modules_enabled Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1187 <iq> child count restriction does not apply to components Accepted Defect (empty)
1184 checkcerts: Could not find a certificate to check New Defect (empty)
1181 module:provides("api") New Enhancement (empty) ★★
1168 RSM in Pubsub Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1166 Set session.priority on session start New Enhancement (empty)
1158 mod_net_proxy legacy IPv4/IPv6 address not matched in registration_blacklist NeedInfo Defect (empty)
1157 complete config option registry New Defect (empty)
1156 Plain or hashed page outdated Accepted Defect (empty)
1146 mod_block_strangers: Somehow inform the sender about difficulty of replying New Enhancement (empty)
1144 core modules undocumented Started Defect (empty)
1143 Setting vCards / Avatars for MUC rooms Accepted Enhancement 0.12 ★★
1141 doc/developers/architecture outdated Accepted Defect (empty)
1140 No complete documentation index Accepted Defect (empty)
1137 List of utilities incomplete Accepted Defect (empty)
1136 mod_http_files: Double URL-decoding of paths Accepted Defect (empty)
1132 Last Message Correction support in MUC archives New Defect (empty) ★★
1126 mod_cloud_notify/mod_smacks: persist 0198 zombie while push is enabled New Enhancement (empty)
1123 API idea: module:get_session(jid) New Enhancement (empty)
1114 ASYNC-01 in read/write timeouts Accepted Defect 0.12
1113 ASYNC-01 in mod_pep_plus in response to incoming presence from s2s Accepted Defect 0.12
1111 Top-level error in sessionmanager.destroy_session Accepted Defect (empty)
1109 Storagemanager ASYNC-01 warning in timers Accepted Defect 0.12
1108 Cache s2s failures Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1107 Limit number of pending s2s connections Accepted Defect (empty)
1106 Set limit on number of queued stanzas for unconnected s2s Accepted Defect (empty)
1105 mod_vcard: Storage error not handled differently from empty store Accepted Defect (empty)
1102 storagemanager does not work with global contexts Accepted Defect (empty)
1098 Idea: Send last unavailable presence from bare JID New Enhancement (empty)
1096 bosh error New Defect (empty)
1095 Way for modules to gracefully cancel their loading Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1092 When compiling from source, --ostype cannot be used with --lua-version New Defect (empty)
1088 c2s_timeout does not have informative logging Accepted Defect (empty)
1084 Traceback on report from mod_s2s_blacklist on trunk NeedInfo Defect (empty)
1080 mod_discoitems: overrides for all domains if loaded globally New Defect (empty)
1079 mod_pinger: Sometimes crashes prosody when reconnecting New Defect (empty)
1078 mod_firewall: define order of pfw files New Enhancement (empty)
1072 prosodyctl about should always work Accepted Defect (empty)
1066 mod_webpresence: charset not defined in html output New Defect (empty)
1065 Implement full-anon rooms in MUCs New Enhancement (empty)
1057 Support to flag/disable suspicious accounts Started Enhancement (empty) ★★★
1042 Presence tests Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1038 mod_watchregistrations should also report account deletions New Enhancement (empty)
1034 Traceback in loggingmanager due to invalid log file config Accepted Defect (empty)
1027 License inconsistency New Other (empty)
1025 mod_firewall test error in IN ROSTER? Accepted Defect (empty)
1021 Prosody with mod_unsafe_compression responds with <unsupported-stanza-type/> to client's <compress/> Accepted Defect (empty)
1018 XEP-0369: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX) New Enhancement (empty)
1012 mod_admin_web uses old unmaintained versions of its dependencies New Defect (empty)
1000 There are too many issues! New Defect (empty) ★★
988 mod_muc_limits: make default behavior more adequate New Defect (empty) ★★
986 Libevent breaks incoming s2s Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
984 mod_groups: Ability to apply changes to groups while users are connected Accepted Enhancement (empty)
974 mod_smacks causes two TCP segments to be sent New Defect (empty) ★★
964 prosodyctl check should handle the case where the IPv4 is local and the IPv6 global Accepted Defect (empty)
952 Support UNIX Socket for listen. Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
947 API Documentation on events could be potentially misleading Accepted Defect (empty)
940 util.logger documentation outdated Accepted Defect (empty)
937 mod_s2s_auth_fingerprint: support pubkey fingerprint (not the x509 one) New Enhancement (empty) ★★
935 MAM:0 fin message shouldn’t be offline’d to other clients New Defect (empty)
934 Don’t store messages considered as spam by mod_firewall in the MAM archive Accepted Defect (empty)
930 Documentation improvements for Cyrus SASL GSSAPI New Enhancement (empty)
921 Reject invalid priorities New Defect (empty)
918 Sending a get/set iq to an invalid JID makes Prosody send two error iqs back Accepted Defect (empty)
916 In configure, use PREFIX to look for LUA_INCDIR and LUA_LIBDIR even when --ostype=linux is passed New Defect (empty)
915 Session close method duplicated in c2s, s2s, bosh, websocket Started Defect (empty)
908 CAPTCHA support for mod_register Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★★★
905 keyval store and non-table values Accepted Defect (empty)
904 Send a periodic presence probe to every contact of a connected user New Enhancement (empty) ★★★
902 Add Exception to Forced s2s Encryption when Federating with *.onion Addresses Accepted Enhancement (empty)
901 Support PROXY protocol for usage with HaProxy New Enhancement (empty) ★★★★
899 Some orderings of presence-subscribe/d does not work Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
894 mod_admin_message: Should refuse to load on user hosts Accepted Enhancement (empty)
886 Structured logging New Enhancement (empty)
884 Deprecate datamanager callback functionality Accepted Enhancement (empty)
883 mod_groups leaks modified roster with storage other than internal Accepted Defect (empty)
882 mod_auth_anonymous does not block data storage with anything but internal Accepted Defect (empty)
881 New util: Simple filesystem abstraction Started Enhancement (empty)
870 [mod_mam_archive] Invalid disco#info response New Defect (empty)
868 prosodyctl about: Show log file location Accepted Enhancement (empty)
863 storagemanager: Traceback when opening a store on an uninitialized host Accepted Defect (empty)
855 mod_auth_external error in bash script response read Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
853 Client connection never disconnected by the server when the admin delete JID Accepted Defect (empty)
847 mod_reload_modules doesn't reload mod_http globally Accepted Defect (empty)
845 Add support for HTTP DELETE on the PUT URL to mod_http_upload Blocked Enhancement (empty)
842 mod_auth_external: protocol ejabberd is not working New Defect (empty) ★★
841 mod_auth_external: add support for calling scripts with arguments Accepted Enhancement (empty)
834 mod_auth_external is unstable New Defect (empty)
819 net.dns does not support DNAME Accepted Enhancement (empty)
809 Allow parallel RSA and ECDSA certificates Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
807 mod_firewall IN_ROSTER slows down all stanzas New Enhancement (empty)
802 Require confirmation for user registration Accepted Enhancement (empty)
782 mod_vjud fails to get all users with vjud_mode = "all" when using external authentication (cyrus_sasl) New Defect (empty)
772 support for stacked authentication providers New Enhancement (empty) ★★
768 mod_admin_web: Report login errors Accepted Defect (empty)
767 more flexible log subsys New Enhancement (empty)
762 Remember the users settings of mod_muc_log_http in a cookie/web storage New Enhancement (empty)
757 Make mod_disco’s disco_items option apply only to VirtualHosts by default New Defect (empty)
756 mod_measure_storage produces a traceback upon loading Accepted Defect (empty)
751 Certificates directory is world-readable New Defect (empty)
728 [Debian] Meaningful defaults for MAXFDS New Enhancement (empty)
720 pkg-config preset for configure script Started Enhancement (empty)
719 wantread/wantwrite issue for ssl connections in server_select New Defect (empty)
716 Support XEP-0070: Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP New Enhancement (empty)
710 Force overwrite of mod_posix variables on program start New Enhancement (empty)
708 mod_storage_ldap - crashing for groups with single member New Defect (empty)
700 [mod_admin_adhoc] set MOTD New Enhancement (empty)
699 [mod_admin_adhoc] show number of online users New Enhancement (empty) ★★
698 mod_groups not updating shared roster for a user using multiple devices New Defect (empty)
697 Merge reload_modules functionality into core New Enhancement (empty)
687 Problems using libevent on OpenBSD, no rfork() NeedInfo Defect 0.13
682 Send affilition changes to participants even if the jid whos aff. changed is not in the room Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
678 Messages to unavailable full JIDs of type "normal" are rerouted New Defect (empty)
658 mod_bosh send() filter differ from normal c2s New Defect (empty)
650 Make ejabberdsql2prosody (and likely other migrators) process the input sequentially New Defect (empty)
647 mod_statistics top unpractical and broken New Defect (empty) ★★
643 plugin for Plesk New Enhancement (empty)
642 plugin for cPanel New Enhancement (empty)
638 Rename "mod_lib_ldap" to "ldap" New Defect (empty)
633 mod_auth_sql: password change support New Enhancement (empty)
631 Let data_path be relative when Prosody is installed Accepted Enhancement (empty)
628 XEP-0322: Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Format Blocked Enhancement (empty)
620 Excludes for mandatory c2s encryption New Enhancement (empty)
619 Prosody stores chatstates in the offline database New Defect (empty) ★★
607 out of memory breaks server_select Accepted Defect (empty)
606 :write after :close Accepted Defect (empty)
605 module:context(host):hook() doesn't work if host hasn't been activated yet Accepted Defect (empty)
599 [s2s_auth_dane] Connection should fail if TLSA records do not match New Defect (empty)
593 mod_c2s error: constant table overflow Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
587 Document development of storage modules Started Defect (empty)
581 mod_groups: roster broken after deleting group in pidgin New Defect (empty)
580 Document development of authentication modules Started Defect (empty)
572 prosodyctl command to export config for easy pastebinning Accepted Enhancement (empty)
567 Store salt when using internal_plain New Enhancement (empty)
565 DNSSEC: better reflect s2s authentication status in error responses and mod_admin_web Blocked Defect (empty)
550 mod_mam_archive uses sql.lib.lua which does not exist anymore New Defect (empty)
536 Notify the admin before reaching a socket descriptor limit New Enhancement (empty) ★★
534 XEP-227 import doesn't work Accepted Defect (empty)
528 server_select and server_event call different callbacks on connection failure Started Defect (empty)
524 mod_pep: User JIDs are cached permanently in recipients table NeedInfo Defect (empty) ★★
513 prosodyctl config edit Accepted Enhancement (empty)
490 OCSP Stapling Blocked Enhancement (empty) ★★
459 Unescape JIDs before passing to Cyrus SASL NeedInfo Defect (empty) ★★
446 pluginloader does not load libs from plugin_paths Accepted Defect (empty)
442 Fatal SSL errors don't call ondisconnect Accepted Defect (empty)
440 Homebrew upgrades LuaSocket on every 'brew upgrade' Accepted Defect (empty)
413 Clustering support Accepted Enhancement 1.0 ★★★★★★
411 stringprep.h validation missing on ./configure New Defect (empty)
403 [Debian] conf.d is present but ignored by default Accepted Defect (empty)
387 [mod_disco] allow inheriting services from another domain Accepted Enhancement (empty)
384 mod_privacy_lists: User gets kicked from room if they block an MUC occupant's room JID Accepted Defect (empty)
361 Message stanza body element getting extra xmlns attribute when passing trough BOSH Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
345 MUC: Adding multiple members at a time doesn't work Accepted Defect 0.12 ★★★
333 mod_groups: Flexible group visibility Accepted Enhancement (empty)
309 Added SSL support to mod_offline_email.lua Accepted Enhancement (empty)
300 Provide a way to create consistent backups from the filesystem store Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★★
294 mod_auth_cyrus doesn't support cyrus_require_provisioning Accepted Defect (empty)
293 Localization Accepted Enhancement 1.0
236 moving contacts from mod_groups managed groups works unexpected Started Defect (empty)
226 mod_bosh: Support for session pausing Accepted Enhancement (empty)
217 Ability to sync running server with config file in a single command Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
167 "Public" shared roster groups don't work as expected Accepted Defect (empty) ★★★★
131 mod_housekeeping Accepted Enhancement (empty)
130 Save user's last activity Accepted Enhancement 1.0 ★★★
61 PAM authentication Started Enhancement (empty) ★★★
27 Allow specifying network interface for outgoing connections Accepted Enhancement (empty)
4 Tests for RFC compliance Accepted Task (empty) ★★