#131 mod_housekeeping

Reporter gmail2@thiessen.org
Owner MattJ
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  1. gmail2@thiessen.org on

    Prosody should provide various options to help the operator clean up inactive accounts, old offline msgs etc. Inactive accounts are generally understood as accounts that have been used atleast once but not in the last X days. "delete_inactive_user = X;" should delete user-accounts if they are older than X days. "delete_expired_msg = X;" should delete offline messages if they are older than X days. This is especially helpful if there's no limit to the amount of offline-msgs a user can have. (See Issue #129) Some operators wish to delete unused (an account that has been created but not used atleast once) sooner than those accounts that have been used atleast once. "delete_unused_user = X"; should delete user-accounts if they are older than X days and never been used. I suggest the following default values: "delete_inactive_user = 365;" "delete_expired_msg = 90;" "delete_unused_user = 7";

  2. gmail2@thiessen.org on

    This can probably be extended to inactive/unused MUC rooms, pubsub nodes etc, someone with more knowledge of what a user can leave behind in the world of XMPP may round up the list.

  3. gmail2@thiessen.org on

    The methods behind those options should also be available through prosodyctl in case an operator would like to use cron etc. to trigger them.

  4. MattJ on

    Heh, I like mod_housekeeping for a name, but feel free to suggest others :)

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    • title mod_housekeeping
    • owner MattJ
  5. christian.bendt on

    Are there any plans to finish this in the near future?

  6. christian.bendt on

    Again: Are there any plans to finish this in the near future?

  7. MattJ on

    Hi. It depends how you define "near" :) mod_housekeeping itself isn't a difficult module, but it relies on information such as user activity that we haven't had available. These things are being worked on, and eventually we'll be able to close this issue. Thanks for your patience!

  8. msebald1975 on

    I would also like to vote for such a module. With mod_lastlog the information needed is provided. At least of "normal" users. An interesting question is how to work with users who did not login since activating mod_lastlog. I would say that every user gets purged if there is no lastlog record in the database. So it is the job of the admin to decide when to first run mod_housekeeping. BTW: I like the name, no other suggestions. ;-)

  9. Zash on

    With default file based "internal" storage, you could possibly make up mod_lastlog data for users missing it by using filesystem timestamps. Or just wait for a year and assume that if they don't have any data then they aren't using the service anymore.

  10. Zash on

    Also, mod_list_inactive can produce lists of users from mod_lastlog data, which can be filtered and piped to the telnet console to delete.

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