#1842 mod_firewall: ORIGIN MARKED not triggering on local connections

Reporter Ge0rG
Owner Nobody
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  • Type-Defect
  • Priority-Medium
  • Status-New
  1. Ge0rG on

    I'm using a rule of `ORIGIN MARKED: dnsbl_hit` in the `::preroute` chain for local users, and it is not triggered, despite the user having the respective firewall mark on their account and session set: ``` >bare_sessions["evildoer@yax.im"].firewall_marks | Result: { dnsbl_hit = 1699999794; } ``` However, mod_firewall just lets the rule pass by.

  2. Ge0rG on

    P.S: can we keep `MARK USER` as an alternative to `MARK ORIGIN` that will only apply the mark to the session if it is a c2s session?

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