#1184 checkcerts: Could not find a certificate to check

Reporter meaz
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  1. meaz on

    I'm on trunk. Here is what I see in the log with mod_checkcerts enabled: "myserver.com:checkcerts warn Could not find a certificate to check" However, when I do prosody check, there is no error with my certificates, they do exist and are in the right place.

  2. Zash on

    Indeed, mod_checkcerts is not written to work with Prosody 0.10.x or later.

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  3. nimbius on

    same problem but imported certs from letsencrypt arent properly detected after they are sent to certs dir. that is to say the import detects the name of the certs just fine, but the prosody check command doesnt see them. prosodyctl check Checking config... Done. Checking DNS for host [redacted]... Checking certificates... Checking certificate for [redacted] Error: No certificate present in SSL/TLS configuration for [redacted] For more information about certificates please see https://prosody.im/doc/certificates

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