#1845 mod_sasl_ssdp: Wrong calculation of hash if PLAIN is disabled

Reporter Martin
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  1. Martin on

    With PLAIN auth enabled prosody and my client calculate the same downgrade protection hash (calc is calculated by my client, recv is what my client receives from prosody): ``` raw: OAUTHBEARER,PLAIN,SCRAM-SHA-1,SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS|tls-exporter calc: fXNRzKJ3ccSa9fGXEJotLadWM5g= recv: fXNRzKJ3ccSa9fGXEJotLadWM5g= ``` If I disable PLAIN auth by setting `disable_sasl_mechanisms = { "PLAIN" } ` there is a discrepancy between the downgrade protection hashes: ``` raw: OAUTHBEARER,SCRAM-SHA-1,SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS|tls-exporter calc: KLdxyd14RVfso6sao6+8+xGr/Lc= recv: fXNRzKJ3ccSa9fGXEJotLadWM5g= ``` As the downgrade protection hash sent from prosody is identical in both cases it seems that mod_sasl_ssdp ignores the deactivation of PLAIN.

  2. Zash on

    Thanks for the report I think we discussed this in the chat. Was this a problem with mod_sasl_ssdp not taking disable_sasl_mechanisms etc into account?

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  3. Martin on

    Yes, exactly.

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