#1425 Allow restricting MAM access in MUC depending on affiliations

Reporter pep
Owner Nobody
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  1. pep on

    Description of feature: Allow MUC owners to configure the affiliation needed to query MAM at all in (or outside) a room. Motivation: (Why?) Prosody (and possibly other implementations) currently allow fetching MAM before joining a room. Prosody specifically rejects outcast users if they appear in affiliations. I am personally interested, as an admin and user of the room, in preventing anybody allowed to join to query MAM without me having a clue. I first suggested forbidding anybody not joined to query, but this also worksforme (until we add everybody in affiliations automatically).

  2. pep on

    I have a patch here: https://gitlab.com/snippets/1914445 I haven't had a look in 1-2 months but it used to work. I am missing scansion tests and I would gladly accept advice for that.

  3. Zash on


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