#1192 Unloading mod_http where http_host is used by many VirtualHosts

Reporter Zash
Owner Nobody
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  • Priority-Medium
  1. Zash on

    What steps will reproduce the problem? Two or more hosts with the same `http_host`. ``` config VirtualHost "a" VirtualHost "b" http_host = "a" ``` Unload mod_http from one host. ``` console module:load("http") -- loaded on all first module:unload("http", "b") ``` HTTP request to something on host 'a'. What is the expected output? Should work. What do you see instead? 404, unknown host Please provide any additional information below. When mod_http, a global/shared module, is loaded on two hosts with the same http_host it registers the `http_host` name twice. If it is unloaded from one host, it unregisters the name despite it being used by other, still enabled, hosts.

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