#802 Require confirmation for user registration

Reporter Dennis Schridde
Owner Nobody
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  • Priority-Medium
  • Status-Accepted
  • Type-Enhancement
  1. Dennis Schridde on

    Description of feature: It would be great if the server could be made to require admin's confirmation whenever a user registers. Possible implementation: 1. The admin would receive a message about the pending registration and then could take action by clicking a link (this would require collaboration with mod_http). 2. Another option would be for the admin to execute an ad-hoc command (mod_admin_ahoc), but this seems less preferable, as it needs client support, whereas a HTTP link can be clicked in (or copied out of) any client and opened in any web-browser. Why? This feature would allow me to allow people to register through any capable client by just giving them the server name, but I would still be in control who actually gets access. Another option to achieve the same effect would be through some one-time-token, which I can give to "authorised users" - but I assume this would require client support, just like CAPTCHAs do (XEP-0158).

  2. Zash on

    This would indeed be nice. https://modules.prosody.im/mod_invite.html is the closest currently existing I can think of.

  3. Dennis Schridde on

    Thanks for the hint! That indeed already solves my actual problem, though not through the in-band registration dialogue. I will try mod_invite together with my LDAP user backend and report whether I got it to work and how.

  4. Zash on

    I think this may have some overlap with #1057.

  5. MattJ on

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