#952 Support UNIX Socket for listen.

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  1. Prosody user on

    Description of feature: Many server software from WWW server to SQL server support UNIX socket. I want prosody to support it, so I can use something like this in prosody configuration file. listen = unix:/run/prosodychat.sock port = 0 <--- ignored because listen is unix: Potential usage: Tor Hidden service ===> unix socket ===> prosody

  2. Zash on

    This is something we want. Previous discussions have been mostly focused around the Telnet console and low-level networking code. Being able to restrict the Telnet console using file permissions would be great. The code that manages all network connections in Prosody, net.server, is currently fairly focused on TCP connections. We want to improve that to ease use of other socket types, like UDP and UNIX sockets.

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  3. Daniel on

    Will there be a update? It is really stupid that I have to manually specify every IPv6 address in my nginx setup, because I'm proxying Prosody and it is listening at ::1 itself and thus blocking nginx

  4. MattJ on

    @Daniel Can you share more details about your ideal setup in this case?

  5. jSM on

    Hello, I am also interested in this. I use Nginx streams to proxy communication to Prosody. For now I have Prosody listening on, but i would prefer to have it listen on a Unix socket instead. The rational is security, performance, and the ability to host many Prosody instances without requiring many IP addresses, or weird port mappings.

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