#1306 MUC status code 100 is resent when different resource connects

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  1. Nikolay Amiantov on

    Please provide a snippet of the part of the specification which we violate if possible: If the user is entering a room that is non-anonymous (i.e., which informs all occupants of each occupant's full JID as shown above), the service MUST warn the user by including a status code of "100" in the initial presence that the room sends to the new occupant Please provide a link to the specification: http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#enter-nonanon Possibly related to https://issues.prosody.im/680 , see also https://dev.gajim.org/gajim/gajim/issues/7052 . When two different clients using the same account connect to the same conference using the same nickname Prosody sends status 100 for each client to both clients. For example -- open Gajim, join non-anonymous room, open Conversations (with the same account), join the same room, disable and enable your account (so Conversations reconnects), see this in Gajim's XML console: ``` <presence xmlns="jabber:client" from="floodchat@conference.fmap.me/abbradar" to="ab@fmap.me/gajim.MSH4DJSC" id="566746fb-8865-4fcd-8249-92fa4abb3261"> <c hash="sha-1" ver="JYfsDpnrR9CgE/evuxsDCYpuMSU=" xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/caps" node="http://gajim.org" /> <x xmlns="vcard-temp:x:update" /> <x xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#user"> <status code="100" /> <item role="moderator" affiliation="owner" jid="ab@fmap.me/converse.js-110942168" /> <item role="moderator" affiliation="owner" jid="ab@fmap.me/gajim.MSH4DJSC" /> <item role="moderator" affiliation="owner" jid="ab@fmap.me/Conversations.twt2" /> <status code="110" /> </x> </presence> ``` AFAIU this should only be sent to the newly-joined Conversations.

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