#1271 mod_munin: graph_category

Reporter Roi
Owner Nobody
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  • Status-New
  • Priority-Medium
  • Component-Community
  • Type-Enhancement
  1. Roi on

    Please change graph_category for all stats generated by mod_munin to "prosody" or add an option where it can be set if the default values are not ok. In my case I have graph_category mod_muc and mod_http_upload which I would like to put under the prosody category where everything else about Prosody is located. Unfortunally setting the graph_category in munin.conf itself and overriding the defaults does not do the job. It simply has no effect. And yes, I did put it under the correct Munin host. ;-) Thank you!

  2. Zash on

    I'm not using Munin or mod_munin myself anymore so I'm unlikely to be motivated to work on this. Feel free to submit patches.

    • tags Component-Community

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