#309 Added SSL support to mod_offline_email.lua

Reporter dale.gallagher
Owner MattJ
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  • Status-Accepted
  • Priority-Medium
  • Type-Enhancement
  1. dale.gallagher on

    I couldn't use my SSL only SMTP server, so looked around for some lua code to add SSL support and it worked! This is my first ever attempt at lua. Configuration options: smtp_server = "smtp.server.name"; smtp_port = 465; smtp_username = "some@username"; smtp_password = "secret"; smtp_from = "some@email.address"; The last one isn't really necessary, as I've hacked the module to send "from" the user who sent the recipient the message, so that one's able to press reply in an email client, in order to respond.

  2. dale.gallagher on

    Sorry, this should've been added as an enhancement.

  3. dale.gallagher on

    I also omitted the version! Prosody 0.8.2

  4. MattJ on

    Thanks for the patch! I've given it a quick glance - it seems to do quite a bit more than just add SSL support! I'm heading out right now, so I'll need to look at it again when I have a little more time to figure out what's what.

    • tags Type-Defect Type-Enhancement Status-Accepted
    • owner MattJ

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