#1679 mod_invites_page: URLs to applications (desktop/web) partly broken

Reporter citronalco
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  1. citronalco on

    All web pages are using relative URLs everywhere - except on the "invites" page for the "Select" button of Converse.js: Clicking the button produces a 404 if the http_path got changed do a subdirectory. Longer description: I'm hosting multiple XMPP domains on a single server, so I separated mod_invites' web pages with http_paths, like this: http_paths = { register_apps = "/foobar/register_apps"; invites_page = "/foobar.org/invites"; invites_register_web = "/foobar.org/register"; } This works nearly perfect - except for the "Select" button of Converse.js on the web site where Dino, Gajim, etc are shown. This are the URLs the "Select" buttons currently link to: https://example.com/foobar/register?t=9F-J-TdP7d75MWDD&c=dino https://example.com/foobar/register?t=9F-J-TdP7d75MWDD&c=gajim https://example.com/register?t=9F-J-TdP7d75MWDD&c=converse-js The last one misses "/foobar"

  2. MattJ on

    So if I understand you correctly, the only problem is with the Converse.js link? Are you using mod_conversejs for this?

  3. citronalco on

    Yes, the problem is only with the Converse.js link. I'm using mod_conversejs.

  4. Zash on

    Try adding another entry in http_paths for conversejs, like http_paths = { -- the others conversejs = "/foobar/conversejs"; } Does that resolve the issue?

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  5. citronalco on

    No, this does not resolve it. Still the same.

  6. citronalco on

    Do you need more information?

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