#1235 ssl configuration is not relative to the config file anymore

Reporter Sonny
Owner Nobody
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  1. Sonny on

    What steps will reproduce the problem? prosody.cfg.lua ssl = { certificate = "localhost.crt"; key = "localhost.key"; } Start prosody with PROSODY_CONFIG=prosody.cfg.lua prosody What is the expected output? prosody-trunk used to load localhost.crt and localhost.key relative to the config file as specified on https://prosody.im/doc/advanced_ssl_config > key > Required. Path to your private key file, relative to your primary config file. >certificate > Required. Path to your certificate file, relative to your primary config file. What do you see instead? prosody.err shows ==> server/prosody.err <== Nov 19 21:53:49 certmanager error SSL/TLS: Failed to load '/etc/prosody/localhost.key': Check that the path is correct, and the file exists. (for localhost) What version of the product are you using? On what operating system? Linux, prosody-trunk Please provide any additional information below.

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