#1267 stack overflow errors with luaevent 0.4.5

Reporter MattJ
Owner MattJ
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  1. MattJ on

    On high traffic servers, "stack overflow" errors may be periodically thrown into the error log. This problem is due to a bug in lua-event 0.4.5 which has been fixed, but the fix is not yet in a released version. This issue is to track the release of lua-event 0.4.6 with the fix, and remind us to update packages, docs (if needed), etc.

  2. MattJ on

    Forgot to link the issue: https://github.com/harningt/luaevent/issues/14

  3. Zash on

    Fix in https://github.com/harningt/luaevent/pull/15

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  4. Lunar on

    Spoke with Matt in the Prosody chat. He's working on a 0.4.6 package and I'll be testing it out on https://xmpp.is/ since it seems to only affect high-traffic servers.

  5. MattJ on

    Hi, I've built a new lua-event package with the patch from the pull request applied. It should fix the stack overflow issue. You can find the deb here: https://packages.prosody.im/debian/pool/dev/l/lua-event/lua-event_0.4.5-0~stretch2_amd64.deb I recommend you Install the deb manually, but you could also add 'dev' to the end of your sources.list line for our repo and upgrade (only!) the lua-event package. You should remove the 'dev' again afterwards, as this is where we upload "in testing" packages. to.

  6. Lunar on

    I am testing the new lua-event package on the server now. I'll keep an eye on the error logs over the next few days. Thanks Matt!

  7. Lunar on

    Seems to be fine so far. That package solves the problem.

  8. MattJ on

    Thanks for confirming the fix! LuaEvent 0.4.6 has now been released, and already uploaded to Debian. I am building 0.4.6 packages for all the distributions that we backported 0.4.5 to in our repository.

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  9. Zash on

    LuaEvent 0.4.6 is in both our repository and Debian's repositories for every supported version, including Debian 8 via stretch-backports. Closing.

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