#1324 Add node_creation_policy option in mod_pubsub to change who can create nodes

Reporter pep.
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  • Milestone-0.13
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  • Type-Enhancement
  1. pep. on

    Description of feature: Add a configuration option to allow more than admins to create nodes. Motivation: (Why?) Movim and SàT-aware XMPP operators(!) often provide a pubsub component that their users can then use to create different groups/communities/nodes/however that is called. I guess we would be looking at something similar to https://issues.prosody.im/1196#comment-3 node_creation_policy = "open" -- Anyone may create node node_creation_policy = "admin" -- Only admins may create node node_creation_policy = "host" -- Anyone on the "parent" host may create node node_creation_policy = "server" -- Anyone on the same server may create node, regardless of host

  2. Zash on

    We had a lengthy discussion on how to handle this, wherein we decided to add support for a kind of internal affiliations for things such as being an admin or a local user. The way node creation is currently allowed is by admins having a default affiliation of 'owner'. Extending this to wider sets of users would suddenly give everyone admin access to all nodes, which obviously wouldn't be sensible. By having internal affiliations such as 'prosody_admin' or 'prosody_user' then these could be granted permission to create nodes without also granting any of the permissions that the 'owner' affiliation gives.

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  3. PICCORO Lenz McKAY on

    What is the status for this issue? we are now over 0.12, thanks in advance

  4. Zash on

    This will be addressed as part of https://blog.prosody.im/modern-xmpp-auth/

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