#1538 mod_prometheus: provide more statistics

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  1. sqozz on

    Description of feature: While the internal admin telnet interface already provides a lot of statistics, the mod_prometheus plugin only exposes some of them. It would be nice to have e.g. statistics/metrics per s2s connection (encrypted, authenticated, name of the server) or c2s metrics like the number of connected clients (by state) per user. Also "static metrics" like server version or port assignments could be exposed too. Motivation: (Why?) Statistics and monitoring are quite a crucial functionality these days. Having some nice dashboards in grafana or similar tools could improve debugging for admins or just provide more insights on how the server is used by the users.

  2. Zash on

    Thanks for the feature request. I would like some clarifications. I think that maybe you misunderstood what is considered "statistics". Prosody has a native statistics collection framework which can be used to collect and report statistics. The telnet console can show these with the `stats:show()` command, but from your description I get the impression that you are talking about all the other data that can be found in the telnet console. These are not "statistics" in that they are not passed through the statistics framework. which mod_prometheus provides one interface to. Further, "provide more statistics" is kind of vague, it would be more helpful to hear what specifically should be measured. Then it is also easier to decide where collection of that data should live. Number of sessions and their states should probably be collected by mod_c2s and mod_s2s etc. Things that don't quite fit the definition of statistics could, I suppose, be reported as static values by mod_prometheus itself. I don't know enough of the Prometheus protocol to say if this works tho.

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