#1599 Console: Module info

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  1. Zash on

    Description of feature: A command that shows information about a module, such as: - Path to source code - Path to resources (if different, as is the case with the plugin installer) - Hosts it's loaded on - Module status(es) - Features advertised (in the service discovery sense) - Services provided (auth, storage, net, http etc.) - Events hooked (maybe this should be in a separate command?) Example: module:info("roster") | Source: ./plugins/mod_roster.lua | Loaded on: VirtualHost "example.com" | Feature(s): 'jabber:iq:roster' Motivation: I wanted to know which which module directory a module had been loaded from, but this information is not shown in any normal interfaces and one has to reach into the depths of the internals and dig it out.

  2. Zash on

    Actually started this a few days ago.

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