#1601 Authentication failure

Reporter Pea
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  1. Pea on

    What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. Install prosody 0.11.5 on OpenBSD 6.8 2. storage drive sqlite 3. Try to authenticate What is the expected output? Authentication should be sucessfull What do you see instead? Oct 19 12:08:19 c2se7016131840 info Client connected Oct 19 12:08:20 c2se7016131840 info Stream encrypted (TLSv1.3 with AEAD-AES256-GCM-SHA384) Oct 19 12:08:20 c2se7016131840 error Traceback[c2s]: /usr/local/lib/prosody/util/sasl/scram.lua:225: attempt to concatenate a nil value stack traceback: /usr/local/lib/prosody/util/sasl/scram.lua:225: in function </usr/local/lib/prosody/util/sasl/scram.lua:121> (tail call): ? /usr/local/lib/prosody/modules/mod_saslauth.lua:77: in function </usr/local/lib/prosody/modules/mod_saslauth.lua:66> (tail call): ? /usr/local/lib/prosody/util/events.lua:79: in function </usr/local/lib/prosody/util/events.lua:75> (tail call): ? /usr/local/lib/prosody/core/stanza_router.lua:142: in function 'core_process_stanza' /usr/local/lib/prosody/modules/mod_c2s.lua:276: in function 'func' /usr/local/lib/prosody/util/async.lua:127: in function </usr/local/lib/prosody/util/async.lua:125> What version of the product are you using? On what operating system? OpenBSD 6.8 / prosody 0.11.5. I tried with prosody 0.11.7 (available in snapshot) and i have the same issue Please provide any additional information below.

  2. Zash on

    Thanks for the report The line numbers from the traceback do not match 0.11.5, going to assume that they're from a later release where they do match. It looks like a problem with channel binding, possibly related to #1542 This traceback could happen if no channel binding data was returned.

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  3. Zash on

    Could you please try to reproduce this on 0.11 nightlies, or 0.11.8 once we relase that?

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