#1676 http_upload file transfer failed

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  1. Yellow Architect on

    Link to relevant page (if any): https://modules.prosody.im/mod_http_upload.html I am new to XMPP and want to provide feedback (bonus for getting stuck) I wanted to have my server upload files, and I was redirected to https://prosody.im/doc/installing_modules#prosody-modules I would like to request an emphasis on the prosody-modules section that they are to be treated seperately from vanilla modules. "The easiest way to fetch and install these is currently via Mercurial (hg). Once you have it installed, simply run:" Being a new user on linux (using it for privacy), I didnt know how to install it. Had to ask randoms, to get the simple answer `apt install mercury` (or was it mercurial? idr) Anyhow, this had me stuck for hours: "Since some modules are available in core and community it is recommended to create an empty folder ‘prosody-modules-enabled’ and symlink the modules you want to use from the community repository. Once you have the files, add the path ‘prosody-modules-enabled’ to plugin_paths, as described above. Then add any of the modules to the modules_enabled list (without mod_ and .lua), and you’re done." Because the first paragraph says "use symlinks, dont bother copying it" and second paragraph says copy it. I did just the symbolic link, and it didn't work no matter how many minor edits I did, so eventually, I just `rm -rf prosody-modules-enabled` (to remove the symbolic link(s)) -> `mkdir prosody-modules-enabled` -> copy-pasted the module from prosody-modules and renamed it without the mod_ in the front (it shouldn't be in a parenthesis in that page imo, it should explicitly state in its own mini-paragraph that mod_ modules won't work) I was very happy after resetting and seeing the attachment symbol on my dino client :) I have spent hours after all trying to put http file upload because otherwise I don't see me moving from discord, so you can imagine my excitement going away from that shitty platform BUT, I upload an image, and I get "file transfer failed" without ANY details. After this, I even certified the subdomain I used. And even turned on the default module http_files (is it needed for http_upload?) And it didn't work, it didn't even say what is the problem. The megabyte size max is 1000000 (10M), so I don't see a reason for it to bug it either. Could you provide details on the subdomain? Does it have something to do with the port? I didn't bother with the discoverability section tbh, because I used upload.yellowarchitect.xyz for the component, and the visual host is yellowarchitect.xyz http_upload is definitely activated, I just don't see why it is bugged, that is all. And would appreciate any replies hahahaha In exchange, I hope my feedback on the documentation is helpful, since a newbie's perspective does help (e.g. that mercury "how to install it" being harder than changing the paths)

  2. Martin on

    Maybe you could share your config (with secrets or other sensitive data redacted).

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