#1754 Error in module:info() when statistics is not enabled

Reporter Zash
Owner Zash
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  • Milestone-0.12
  • Priority-Medium
  • Type-Defect
  • Status-Fixed
  1. Zash on

    What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. Don't enable statistics 2. 'prosodyctl shell module info smacks' (or other module exposing metrics) What is the expected output? provides: - Metrics (3 items) - tx_dropped_stanzas (histogram): number of stanzas in a queue which got dropped - tx_acked_stanzas (histogram): number of items acked per ack received etc What do you see instead? provides: - Metrics (3 items) plugins/mod_admin_shell.lua:58: attempt to concatenate a table value (local 'str') What version of the product are you using? Reproduced on 0.12.0, 0.12, trunk Please provide any additional information below. enabling statistics makes the error go away

  2. Zash on

    Reported by clouded in the chat.

    • owner Zash
  3. Zash on

    Fixed in https://hg.prosody.im/trunk/rev/604bb5b8362d

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