#1866 Anonymous accounts cannot discover public MUCs

Reporter Trung
Owner Nobody
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  • Type-Defect
  • Priority-Medium
  • Status-New
  1. Trung on

    Anonymous accounts cannot discover public MUCs: ``` | c2s55818c5907b0 debug Received[c2s]: <iq xml:lang='en' type='get' id='discoitemsreq' to='hall.trung.fun'> | hall.trung.fun:muc debug host-disco-items called | hall.trung.fun:muc debug Returning empty room list to unauthorized request | c2s55818c5907b0 debug Sending[c2s]: iq to='epid_8ztkaimsmci5bbioc43@anon.trung.fun/dZOUkqHJGOg' type='result' id='discoitemsreq' from='hall.trung.fun'> ``` Anonymous account *should* be able to discover MUCs because public MUCs allows anonymous account to join by default. Also, people don't even need to use anonymous services to search for public MUCs.

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