#2 Write an issue tracker

Reporter MattJ
Owner Zash
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  1. MattJ on


  2. brokenthorn on

    I have an idea. Write a decentralized issue tracker making extensive use of Lua (of course). Integrated simple http server or third party http server. Issue handling should be customed to our particular needs as opposed to more general handling.

  3. MattJ on

    HTTP? We could use XMPP :) I've been thinking of a mod_bugtracker for a while now (ad-hoc, data forms, etc.)

  4. simon%imaginator.com@gtempaccount.com on

    I recommend mantis for tracking issues. It's a breath of fresh air after bugzilla.

  5. tmarkmann on

    After bugzilla anything else is a breath of fresh air.

  6. brokenthorn on

    As will be your issue tracker, no? :)

  7. tuntisbest on


  8. Waqas on

    @tuntisbest Oh please, not trac.

  9. tuntisbest on

    What's wrong with Trac? :(

  10. Waqas on

    What's right with Trac?

  11. tuntisbest on

    What's right with writing and maintaining your own issue tracker when there's numerous premade solutions available, of which Trac has great version control integration with the ticket system?

  12. MattJ on

    The bug tracker is not a discussion forum. If you want to argue over something then I suggest the chat room: http://prosody.im/discuss Though let me point out that the argument is a waste of time. We know all about Trac, and the others. Tobias reckons he can create something more suited to our purpose, he probably can, so I'm not one to stop him :) The only comments I'd like to see on this issue from this point onwards are constructive suggestions of trackers which meet the following criteria: * Very easy to use * Supports tags * Doesn't require sign-up to report issues (OpenID/Jabber auth) * Supports email/Jabber notifications * Can notify a fixed list of email/Jabber addresses on every single change * Runs on a 150MB VPS Thanks!

    • tags Priority-Critical Priority-Medium
  13. theanarcat on

    Redmine could fit the bill, although maybe not for the 150MB VPS. It is, however: * Very easy to use * Supports OpenID * Supports email notifications * Can notify a fixed list of addresses (each component have maintainers) Not sure about tagging and jabber support, but there are tons of plugins out there. The same argument could be made for trac by the way. I would also strongly encourage to move away from code.google.com as logging in here for me is synonymous to selling my soul to the devil (Google, which can track me everywhere I go when I'm logged in here), so it kind of keeps my involvement here limited (I do not read replies to this email for example).

  14. MattJ on

    Considering I've never managed to get a Ruby app installed (Ubuntu), I don't fancy spending time on Redmine, especially if it won't fit on the VPS. You're free to report bugs via any of the means at http://prosody.im/discuss if you don't want your soul to be supported by personalized context-sensitive ads.

  15. mva.name on

    I want to post "+1 me too!", but Google ask to not doing this ;) So, is it any movements in that way already? Or "after a cake", as usual? :)

  16. Zash on

    Well hello there

    • owner Zash
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  17. Zash on

    I hope this is easy to use, at least for users. Tags are supported, with some magical properties. No sign up is required, just clicking a link sent by email for verification. Supports email notifications (maybe Jabber too in the future). Notifies project members about new issues. Runs on prosodys VPS.

  18. Tobias on

    Great work @Zash. Looks nice so far.

  19. Zash on

    And MattJ!

  20. Zash on


    • tag Status-Fixed

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