#280 Systemd files for Prosody

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  1. alexneun@web.de on

    it would be nice to have support for the systemd init system. I have made the necessary init files but haven't tested them yet. prosody.service /lib/systemd/system/ prosody.conf /etc/tmpfiles.d

  2. MattJ on

    Thanks! The Prosody source tree itself does not contain init scripts or packaging things related to specific platforms. Also none of the distributions that a member of the Prosody team maintains packages for use systemd, and I (sadly) don't directly know the packagers of any platforms that do. All this said though, I have updated our documentation for packagers to point people to this issue, so if anyone is researching packaging Prosody for a systemd platform they should end up here. See http://prosody.im/doc/packagers#init_script . Feel free to update this issue with further revisions and your findings if you manage to test there.

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    • title Systemd files for Prosody
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  3. johan.cwi on

    Hello, I'm currently trying to put prosody in Fedora/RHEL's repositories (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=551765) ; and I have successfully used a very similar service and tmpfiles config files with success :)

  4. MattJ on

    Nice, thanks for the notice, and good work!

  5. Zash on

    Here's what I believe to be a more "pure" systemd service file, that does not use prosodyctl: [Unit] Description=Prosody XMPP Server [Service] # Do the things normally done during daemonization here instead # Needs daemonize = false in prosody.cfg.lua Type=simple StandardInput=null StandardOutput=null StandardError=null User=prosody Group=prosody WorkingDirectory=/var/lib/prosody PIDFile=/var/run/prosody/prosody.pid ExecStart=/usr/bin/prosody ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID Restart=on-abnormal [Install] WantedBy=networking.target

  6. Robert Scheck on

    Honestly, wouldn't it be better to use mod_systemd and its watchdog features?

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