#42 mod_adhoc

Reporter MattJ
Owner MattJ
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  • Status-Fixed
  • Milestone-0.8
  • Priority-Medium
  • Type-Enhancement
  1. MattJ on

    Supply commands over Ad-hoc Commands. Should use the same API as mod_console for modules to add commands. Depends on ACLs? We need to specify admins at least.

  2. MattJ on

    • owner Waqas
    • tags Milestone-0.4
  3. MattJ on

    Changing milestone to 0.5, since waqas is focusing on mod_xmlrpc, to form a base for generic actions exposed via modules.

    • tags Milestone-0.4 Milestone-0.5
  4. MattJ on

    This really shouldn't be hard to do now... we have everything we need to make it happen. util.adhoc?

    • tags Milestone-0.5 Milestone-0.7
  5. MattJ on

    Ephraim has made good progress on this over in http://prosody-modules.googlecode.com - need to consider this for inclusion in 0.6/0.7.

    • tags Status-Started
  6. MattJ on

    I'm removing the milestone on this, I haven't had the chance to look at Ephraim/Florob's work yet. Hopefully it can go into 0.8 (but I haven't started planning for that yet).

    • owner MattJ
    • tags Milestone-0.7
  7. MattJ on

    • tags Milestone-0.8
  8. MattJ on

    mod_adhoc is merged into trunk (for 0.8), thanks Florob! Now to finish merging mod_adhoc_cmd_admin...

    • tags Status-Fixed

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