#461 Prosody 0.9 (or modules) leaking memory

Reporter Ge0rG
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  1. Ge0rG on

    Prosody 0.9.7 is slowly leaking memory, at ~70 MBytes/month (exhibit 1 attached). Loaded experimental(?) modules: smacks, carbons, pinger, s2s_keepalive, statistics, statistics_more, statistics_auth, lastlog The server is using libevent. The memory usage is growing in the `memory_used` department, according to mod_statistics. At the time of writing: STAT "memory_lua" (56294458) STAT "memory_used" (175401296) STAT "memory_unused" (6500272) I have followed the memory-leak snippet using dump.lua and MemoryExplorer, and it showed up 2M of total used memory (exhibit 2), most of it in the "events" table for the served host - which looks far away from the 175MB reported. My naive assumption is that maybe some OS-level resource is leaked (timer references or somesuch).

  2. tim.daniel.schumacher on

    I'm not using libevent (use_libevent is commented out) and the attached graph shows also some leakage. Nonstandard modules I use: admin_rest,"register_redirect" and lastlog.

  3. stephan.adler on

    I can confirm this issue using debian wheezy and the packages provided by prosody. We already discussed this in the support channel and the devs concluded that the problem might be in the C part of some lua lib and not so likely in one of the modules. I also noticed my munin graphs look a little different, as the Lua memory consumption stays constant, while the rest leaks.

  4. Zash on

    Does this still happen? Does it happen on 0.10?

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