#523 Errors are kicking me out of conferences

Reporter kriztan
Owner Zash
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  1. kriztan on

    I'm running prosody-trunk build 576 with modules rev 1e9a06caa866 on CentOS and on client side Conversations 1.6.7. I'm getting kicked out of conferences after a time and I don't know why. I've posted this issue in the Conversations bug tracker https://github.com/siacs/Conversations/issues/1134 and the developer told me, this is a prosody issue and it is resolved. But I'm still affected of that issue. The prosody debug-log file shows: conference@conference.domain.tld/User kicked from conference@conference.domain.tld for sending an error message Can anybody help me?

  2. Zash on

    Could you provide some detailed Prosody or XML logs?

  3. kriztan on

    I've just mailed the debug-logs to your developer address.

  4. Zash on

    I think this might be related to how session.send() behaves when a stanza is dropped by a filter. The event could then fall through to the part that handles unhandled stanzas which sends an error reply.

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  5. kriztan on

    Any news on this issue? Could http://hg.prosody.im/trunk/rev/19c4532946b3 fix this?

  6. Zash on

    My theory on this is that the CSI modules attempt to drop things that are sent, which made session.send() return non-nil, which in turn caused another event to not be considered "handled", and it falls back to returning an error. This has been partly addressed in 0.10/trunk and by changes to some community modules. The one major thing left is mod_smacks (#559), which attempts to bypass this issue by returning an empty string. Fixing it would make it no longer compatible with 0.9.

    • tag Milestone-0.10
  7. kriztan on

    You mean, just disabling mod_csi could solve that? I've looked into my prosody config, currently I've no csi depending modules (mod_filter_chatstates or mod_throttle_presence) enabled, only mod_csi. As I understand the source code, mod_csi only receives if the client is active or inactive and does nothing else. In my opinion this could not be the problem. Perhaps it could be caused by mod_smacks as you already said. I know that trunk is in beta status yet, but what about serving different mod_smacks versions for 0.9 and 0.10/trunk as it is already made for 0.8 and later? Sooner or later 0.10 will replace 0.9.

  8. Zash on

    Finally managed to reproduce reliably. Fixed in https://hg.prosody.im/prosody-modules/rev/e48dbb640408

    • owner Zash
    • tags Milestone-0.10 Status-Fixed

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