#622 Missing features in pubsub 1 of x: Set affiliations

Reporter Daniel Gultsch
Owner Nobody
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  1. Daniel Gultsch on

    Hi, I'm trying to get Push to work. I'm using an external component called oshiya (https://github.com/royneary/oshiya) however this requires some pubsub features that are not yet implemented in prosodys pubsub module. (There actually might be a couple of issue but oshiya doesn't provide a full list of required features so I will only discover whats needed step by step.) In any case the first missing feature is to set affiliations on a node. Specifically a publish-only affiliation. The full stanza looks like this: <iq id="GgUpvNLhEFpB" to="pubsub.***" type="set" from="push.***"><pubsub xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#owner"><affiliations node="UAMSsN46Tpi-"><affiliation jid="daniel@***" affiliation="publish-only"/></affiliations></pubsub></iq> cheers Daniel

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