#853 Client connection never disconnected by the server when the admin delete JID

Reporter Reporting4Duty
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  1. Reporting4Duty on

    1. I have "example@my.server". 2. I configure Thunderbird to connect to this XMPP account. 3. Thunderbird: connected for X hours. 4. Login to server and run command: prosodyctl deluser example@my.server 5. Even after this command, the client still connected. 6. When I disconnect it manually, and tried to reconnect, Thunderbird said "not authorized"(of course). Expected result: When the admin delete JID, and if JID is connected to the server, forcefully close the connection.

  2. Zash on

    Hi, thanks for the report. This is unfortunately the expected behavior since prosodyctl does not talk directly to prosody and prosody won't notice that the files disappear. You can get the wanted behavior by using either the telnet console or adhoc commands, which would perform the task within prosody itself. We want to improve this but it depends on a number of other changes.

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  3. Zash on

    This should now be possible to implement via the new admin socket.

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