#9 Traceback from s2s presence probe

Reporter MattJ
Owner MattJ
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  1. MattJ on

    No idea what is going on here. How did session.send() get unset? debug Received: <presence type='probe' to='userA@example.com' from='userB@example.org/Resource'></presence> warn datamanager Failed to load accounts storage ('cannot open data/example%2ecom/accounts/userA.dat: No such file or directory') for user: userA@example.com debug W Sending over s2s example.org->example.com debug sending s2s stanza: <presence type='unsubscribed' to='userB@example.org' from='userA@example.com'></presence> lua: ./core/s2smanager.lua:33: attempt to call field 'send' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'parse' net/xmppserver_listener.lua:33: in function 'data' net/xmppserver_listener.lua:69: in function <net/xmppserver_listener.lua:40> (tail call): ? ./net/server.lua:808: in function 'loop' main.lua:59: in main chunk [C]: ?

  2. MattJ on

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