#977 mod_csi_battery_saver crashes

Reporter rfc2822
Owner Nobody
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  • Type-Defect
  • Status-Fixed
  • Priority-Medium
  • Component-Community
  1. rfc2822 on

    What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. Use latest community modules (hg pull / hg update) 2. Use mod_csi_battery_saver: modules_enabled = { ... -- Community modules "carbons"; "csi"; "csi_battery_saver"; "http"; "http_upload"; "smacks"; } What is the expected output? Should work What do you see instead? Server hangs, server logs: Aug 28 07:57:46 server prosody[4407]: mod_c2s: Traceback[c2s]: ...-modules/mod_csi_battery_saver/mod_csi_battery_saver.lua:177: attempt to call field 'is_stanza' (a nil value) stack traceb ack: ...-modules/mod_csi_battery_saver/mod_csi_battery_saver.lua:177: in function 'send' /usr/local/lib/prosody/modules/mod_presence.lua:344: in function </usr/local/lib/prosody/m odules/mod_presence.lua:332> /usr/local/lib/prosody/util/events.lua:67: in function 'fire_event' /usr/local/lib/prosody/core/stanza_router.lua:187: in function 'core_post_stanza' /usr/local/lib/prosody/modules/mod_presence.lua:83: in function 'handle_normal_presence' /usr/local/lib/prosody/modules/mod_presence.lua:326: in function </usr/local/lib/pr osody/modules/mod_presence.lua:306> /usr/local/lib/prosody/util/events.lua:67: in function 'fire_event' /usr/local/lib/prosody/core/stanza_router.lua:187: in function 'core_post_st anza' /usr/local/lib/prosody/core/stanza_router.lua:135: in function </usr/local/lib/prosody/core/stanza_router.lua:56> What version of the product are you using? On what operating system? Prosody 0.9.12, FreeBSD 11.0 Please provide any additional information below. Works without mod_csi_battery and with the module version I had before (I guess I fetched it some month ago).

  2. MattJ on

    Hi, is this resolved? (mod_csi_battery_saver is not maintained by the Prosody team).

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  3. Zash on

    No response, assuming fixed.

    • tags Status-Fixed

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