#1465 MUC: improve handling of visitors in non-moderated rooms

Reporter ge0rg
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  1. ge0rg on

    In moderated rooms, the "visitor" role has an important role. It would be great to have a similar instrument in non-moderated rooms to silence misbehaving users without outright kickbanning them (On IRC, you were able to ban somebody without kicking them; you can't have that on MUC). It would be great to have the following changes: 1. Remember an occupants "visitor" status across nickname changes: /me silences user: 11:58:17 user changed: role: visitor ...some time later... 12:56:50 user is now known as user- 12:56:50 user- changed: role: participant changing the nickname unsilenced them! 2. Remember a real JID's "visitor" status in non-moderated rooms over rejoins If you silence somebody, it should be remembered and persisted. And there is no "muted" affiliation. From XEP-0045: > An implementation MAY persist roles across visits and SHOULD do so for moderated rooms (since the distinction between visitor and participant is critical to the functioning of a moderated room). 3. Make it possible to forbid MUC-PMs to silenced users From XEP-0045: > Send Private Messages [Visitor:] Yes* > * Default; configuration settings MAY modify this privilege. I think that in a non-moderated room, it would make sense to make this "No" by default.

  2. Zash on

    Too many separate issues in one. Broken into #1466 #1467 and the existing #1442

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