ID  Title Status  Type  Milestone  Created  Updated  Stars 
587 Document development of storage modules Started Defect (empty)
528 server_select and server_event call different callbacks on connection failure Started Defect (empty)
1144 core modules undocumented Started Defect (empty)
1082 util.pubsub: Node config cached in storage abstraction and not updated Started Defect 0.11
655 Support MUC voice requests and approvals in moderated rooms Started Enhancement 0.11
720 pkg-config preset for configure script Started Enhancement (empty)
236 moving contacts from mod_groups managed groups works unexpected Started Defect (empty)
580 Document development of authentication modules Started Defect (empty)
487 DNS resolution of CNAMEs fails often (not always) Started Defect 0.9 ★★
409 SNI support Started Enhancement (empty) ★★
733 Item count limits for archive stores Started Enhancement (empty) ★★
328 Unable to create users or rooms using smack library Started Defect 0.11 ★★
1057 Support to flag/disable suspicious accounts Started Enhancement (empty) ★★★
61 PAM authentication Started Enhancement (empty) ★★★
965 Publishing Options in pubsub Started Enhancement (empty) ★★★★★★