ID  Title Status  Type  Milestone  Created  Updated  Stars 
1304 mod_vcard_legacy: Traceback if avatar has invalid base64 Accepted Defect 0.11
1143 Setting vCards / Avatars for MUC rooms Accepted Enhancement 0.12
1307 User tombstones Accepted Enhancement 0.12
1282 prosodyctl check: Highlight "unused" components Accepted Enhancement 0.12
865 mod_http: add support for CORS Started Enhancement 0.12
1146 mod_block_strangers: Somehow inform the sender about difficulty of replying New Enhancement (empty)
1189 prosodyctl check should complain about '.lua' in modules_enabled Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1120 Stream encrypted not reported for direct TLS connections Accepted Defect (empty)
131 mod_housekeeping Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1088 c2s_timeout does not have informative logging Accepted Defect (empty)
1034 Traceback in loggingmanager due to invalid log file config Accepted Defect (empty)
863 storagemanager: Traceback when opening a store on an uninitialized host Accepted Defect (empty)
1066 mod_webpresence: charset not defined in html output New Defect (empty)
868 prosodyctl about: Show log file location Accepted Enhancement (empty)
902 Add Exception to Forced s2s Encryption when Federating with *.onion Addresses Accepted Enhancement (empty)
878 moduleapi get_option variant for time ranges Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1309 prosodyctl comand to show what DNS records to add Accepted Enhancement (empty)