ID  Title Status  Type  Milestone  Created  Updated  Stars 
1143 Setting vCards / Avatars for MUC rooms Accepted Enhancement 0.12 ★★
1553 mod_easy_invite Traceback when using an invitation link twice Accepted Defect (empty)
1517 MUC: Error on asking for voice without being in room Accepted Defect (empty)
1304 mod_vcard_legacy: Traceback if avatar has invalid base64 Accepted Defect 0.11
131 mod_housekeeping Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1566 prosodyctl shell: Show console help on first run Accepted Enhancement 0.12
1609 PubSub: Batch processing request not handled NeedInfo Defect (empty)
1579 mod_welcome should take welcome_jid Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1650 MAM: reject start > end Accepted Defect (empty)
1628 prosodyctl check should warn about 'authentication' in a Component section Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1189 prosodyctl check should complain about '.lua' in modules_enabled Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1146 mod_block_strangers: Somehow inform the sender about difficulty of replying New Enhancement (empty)
1088 c2s_timeout does not have informative logging Accepted Defect (empty)
868 prosodyctl about: Show log file location Accepted Enhancement (empty)
863 storagemanager: Traceback when opening a store on an uninitialized host Accepted Defect (empty)
1664 mod_disco on account doesn't return disco#info feature Accepted Defect (empty)
878 moduleapi get_option variant for time ranges Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1034 Traceback in loggingmanager due to invalid log file config Accepted Defect (empty)
902 Add Exception to Forced s2s Encryption when Federating with *.onion Addresses Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1770 Shell command mentions host argument when not provided Accepted Defect 0.12
1066 mod_webpresence: charset not defined in html output New Defect (empty)
572 prosodyctl command to export config for easy pastebinning Accepted Enhancement (empty)