ID  Title Status  Type  Milestone  Created  Updated  Stars 
27 Allow specifying network interface for outgoing connections Accepted Enhancement (empty)
54 LDAP support Accepted Enhancement 0.11 ★★★★★
61 PAM authentication Started Enhancement (empty) ★★★
81 XEP-0227: Portable Import/Export Format for XMPP-IM Servers Accepted Enhancement 1.0
89 Set process name to 'prosody' when running Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
130 Save user's last activity Accepted Enhancement 1.0 ★★★
131 mod_housekeeping Accepted Enhancement (empty)
217 Ability to sync running server with config file in a single command Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
226 mod_bosh: Support for session pausing Accepted Enhancement (empty)
254 Provide muc#roomconfig_allowinvites in mod_muc plugin Accepted Enhancement (empty)
293 Localization Accepted Enhancement 1.0
309 Added SSL support to mod_offline_email.lua Accepted Enhancement (empty)
333 mod_groups: Flexible group visibility Accepted Enhancement (empty)
368 Ability to edit Vcards via prosodyctl. New Enhancement (empty)
383 XEP-0198, also implement the "committing the stanza for offline storage" variant Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★★★
385 [mod_muc] Feature Request: Maximum Number of Occupants Accepted Enhancement 0.11 ★★
387 [mod_disco] allow inheriting services from another domain Accepted Enhancement (empty)
395 [mod_muc] Save history on restart Accepted Enhancement 0.11 ★★
399 Let auth plugins set username Accepted Enhancement 0.11
409 SNI support Started Enhancement (empty) ★★
413 Clustering support Accepted Enhancement 1.0 ★★★★★
490 OCSP Stapling Blocked Enhancement (empty) ★★
513 prosodyctl config edit Accepted Enhancement 0.11
517 Add authorization providers New Enhancement (empty)
533 Experimental IDNA 2008 support Accepted Enhancement (empty)
536 Notify the admin before reaching a socket descriptor limit New Enhancement (empty) ★★
556 CSI should delay forwarded carbons from self if inactive until the device changes back to active. New Enhancement (empty)
567 Store salt when using internal_plain New Enhancement (empty)
572 prosodyctl command to export config for easy pastebinning Accepted Enhancement (empty)
582 Vhost setting in db New Enhancement (empty)
620 Excludes for mandatory c2s encryption New Enhancement (empty)
622 Missing features in pubsub 1 of x: Set affiliations New Enhancement (empty) ★★
628 XEP-0322: Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Format New Enhancement (empty)
631 Let data_path be relative when Prosody is installed Accepted Enhancement (empty)
633 mod_auth_sql: password change support New Enhancement (empty)
642 plugin for cPanel New Enhancement (empty)
643 plugin for Plesk New Enhancement (empty)
651 Migrator archive support Accepted Enhancement 0.10
655 Support MUC voice requests and approvals in moderated rooms Started Enhancement 0.11
660 Async DNS lookup for HTTP requests New Enhancement (empty)
672 mod_muc_mam: Archive expiry Accepted Enhancement 0.11 ★★
682 Send affilition changes to participants even if the jid whos aff. changed is not in the room Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
686 Support for subscription preapproval New Enhancement (empty)
695 prosodyctl connected_users_number New Enhancement (empty)
697 Merge reload_modules functionality into core New Enhancement (empty)
699 [mod_admin_adhoc] show number of online users New Enhancement (empty)
700 [mod_admin_adhoc] set MOTD New Enhancement (empty)
706 prosodyctl {incoming,outgoing}-s2s-number New Enhancement (empty)
709 Support MUC Sub proposed by ejabberd New Enhancement (empty)
710 Force overwrite of mod_posix variables on program start New Enhancement (empty)
714 Prosody Stateful Asynchronous API for sending IQ New Enhancement (empty)
716 Support XEP-0070: Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP New Enhancement (empty)
720 pkg-config preset for configure script Started Enhancement (empty)
726 API for handling HTTP uploads incrementally Accepted Enhancement 0.11
728 [Debian] Meaningful defaults for MAXFDS New Enhancement (empty)
730 net.server: Generic API for watching a file descriptor Accepted Enhancement (empty)
733 Item count limits for archive stores Started Enhancement (empty) ★★
762 Remember the users settings of mod_muc_log_http in a cookie/web storage New Enhancement (empty)
767 more flexible log subsys New Enhancement (empty)
772 support for stacked authentication providers New Enhancement (empty) ★★
776 Inequal handling of c2s and s2s stanzas in debug logs Accepted Enhancement (empty)
802 Require confirmation for user registration Accepted Enhancement (empty)
807 mod_firewall IN_ROSTER slows down all stanzas New Enhancement (empty)
809 Allow parallel RSA and ECDSA certificates Blocked Enhancement (empty) ★★
841 mod_auth_external: add support for calling scripts with arguments Accepted Enhancement (empty)
845 Add support for HTTP DELETE on the PUT URL to mod_http_upload Blocked Enhancement (empty)
851 Reorganize Prosodys startup code - util.startup Accepted Enhancement (empty)
865 mod_http: add support for CORS Accepted Enhancement (empty)
868 prosodyctl about: Show log file location Accepted Enhancement (empty)
878 moduleapi get_option variant for time ranges Accepted Enhancement (empty)
881 New util: Simple filesystem abstraction Accepted Enhancement (empty)
884 Deprecate datamanager callback functionality Accepted Enhancement (empty)
886 Structured logging New Enhancement (empty)
894 mod_admin_message: Should refuse to load on user hosts Accepted Enhancement (empty)
901 Support PROXY protocol for usage with HaProxy New Enhancement (empty) ★★★★
902 Add Exception to Forced s2s Encryption when Federating with *.onion Addresses Accepted Enhancement (empty)
904 Send a periodic presence probe to every contact of a connected user New Enhancement (empty) ★★
908 CAPTCHA support for mod_register Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★★★
928 Delayed Delivery after SM or CSI should come from account New Enhancement (empty)
930 Documentation improvements for Cyrus SASL GSSAPI New Enhancement (empty)
931 add command "listusers" to prosodyctl New Enhancement (empty)
937 mod_s2s_auth_fingerprint: support pubkey fingerprint (not the x509 one) New Enhancement (empty) ★★
952 Support UNIX Socket for listen. Accepted Enhancement (empty)
953 Disable prosodyctl start|stop if appropriate for current init system. Accepted Enhancement (empty)
959 statsmanager should have a proper counter metric New Enhancement (empty) ★★★
960 statsmanager: helper functions for obtaining common metadata of metrics Accepted Enhancement 0.12
965 Publishing Options in pubsub Started Enhancement (empty) ★★★★★★
971 New default read timeout value Accepted Enhancement 0.10
972 Remove in-memory archive driver from mod_mam Accepted Enhancement 0.10
975 Add statistics for unauthenticated/unencrypted s2s connections when relevant Accepted Enhancement 0.12
980 Make the garbage collector run more often when under load NeedInfo Enhancement (empty)
984 mod_groups: Ability to apply changes to groups while users are connected Accepted Enhancement (empty)
998 mod_bosh: Add metrics Accepted Enhancement 0.10
1018 XEP-0369: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX) New Enhancement (empty)
1031 In prosodyctl check, disable s2s cert validation when s2s is disabled Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1038 mod_watchregistrations should also report account deletions New Enhancement (empty)
1042 Presence tests Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1057 Support to flag/disable suspicious accounts Started Enhancement (empty) ★★★
1060 Support RFC 7711: PKIX over Secure HTTP (POSH) New Enhancement (empty) ★★★
1065 Implement full-anon rooms in MUCs New Enhancement (empty)
1077 Flag to enable debug logging in prosodyctl Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1078 mod_firewall: define order of pfw files New Enhancement (empty)
1095 Way for modules to gracefully cancel their loading Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1098 Idea: Send last unavailable presence from bare JID New Enhancement (empty)
1108 Cache s2s failures Accepted Enhancement (empty)
1123 API idea: module:get_session(jid) New Enhancement (empty)
1126 mod_cloud_notify/mod_smacks: persist 0198 zombie while push is enabled New Enhancement (empty)
1129 mod_mam_muc support for mam:2 on Prosody 0.10 New Enhancement (empty) ★★★★
1143 Setting vCards / Avatars for MUC rooms Accepted Enhancement 0.11
1146 mod_block_strangers: Somehow inform the sender about difficulty of replying New Enhancement (empty)